We make the T-shirts that we want to wear

We founded Mogu to create things that we love. That is the idea behind all of our items: we love reading Mogu magazine, we enjoy wearing our T-shirts and we designed canvas bags that we want to carry. In 2010, we finally achieved one of our most treasured goals.

We began our search for organic cotton in Shandong, China. During that time, we also contemplated importing organic cotton from Japan, but found that the production costs were too high. Finally, we found a factory right here in Taiwan that is able to use 100% certified organic cotton yarn and knit it into fabric that suits our high quality standards. We are proud to offer T-shirts that meld Mogu's unique designs with comfort, durability and environmental awareness.

Not only is our cotton fabric light and comfortable, but it also has a soft, unique texture. Laundering brings out the homespun beauty of the nubby cotton yarn. Our fabric is dyed in factories with working conditions and raw materials that meet European Union standards. We also carefully select the ink used to silkscreen our T-shirt designs. We make sure it is breathable and does not dry to an unpleasantly sticky finish. SGS inspections guarantee that our dyes do not contain varnishes made with harmful chemicals, formaldehyde, carcinogenics or azo dyes. You can enjoy our T-shirts with complete peace of mind.

These may seem like small, nitpicky details, but Mogu believes this kind of "invisible design" is vital for the wellbeing of our customers.

Mogu 100% organic cotton

We all have the opportunity to change the world with just a few small actions. That is why Mogu decided to use 100% organic cotton exclusively in our T-shirts.

This means that our cotton plants are grown from seeds that have not been treated with antibacterial agents. Our cotton fields first go through a cleansing period of three years, during which they are kept uncontaminated from pesticides. While the cotton plants are growing, the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers are prohibited. Defoliants are also avoided during the harvesting process.


These steps not only ensure fertile cotton fields, but they also protect the safety and health of farmers, animals, insects and birds. They allow those of us in Taiwan to enjoy wearing our T-shirts without worrying.

How to clean your 100% organic cotton t-shirt

  • 請使用中性天然洗劑手洗,或是翻面裝入網袋,以洗衣機清洗。
  • To hand-wash, use a mild, natural detergent...but don't use bleach and fabric softener.
  • To machine-wash, place your garment in a nesting-bag, and use a gentle cycle.
  • To preserve its natural color, do not dry it in direct sunlight.
  • Your organic cotton t-shirt may shrink slightly after washing.