Mogu notebooks

Mogu's first collection of notebooks is called "On the Road." On the road, we move ahead or stop to wait for someone. On the road, we encounter new people and experience new things. We see, but then we forget. To remember everything, we need to keep a record, whether through writing, sketching or an album of photos. Mogu notebooks are there for you to scribble in, doodle in or use as a scrapbook. Capture your memories in a way you can't with your computer or iPhone. 

Mogu likes to combine different textures and formats of paper in each notebook. We hope that this will allow you to enjoy using your notebook in many different ways. Whether it is our thick but lightweight Dictionary series or our Sketching series, all of our notebooks feature perforated sheets that detach quickly and neatly. Mogu strives to make your life easier in simple ways. 

Disappearing views

Letterpress is the oldest printing method. During the Tang dynasty, people started carving letters and pictures onto blocks of wood, gradually whittling away the spaces around them. Then they spread ink on top and used it to make an impression on paper. This is the most basic method of printing.

Movable type is quickly disappearing from everyday life, but with our paper products, Mogu hopes to keep this simple but exquisite art form alive.